The Fraternité pour le Respect Animal was present in Minding Animals Conference Mexico City From January 17 to 24 , 2018

, par Estela Torres

Minding Animals International Incorporated (MAI) provides an avenue for the transdisciplinary field of Animal Studies to be more responsive to the protection of animals. It is recognised that animal protection in this context encapsulates environmentalism, animal liberation, animal rights, wildlife protection, animal welfare and animal justice (in no particular order of importance). MAI aims to enable discourse between the various interests within this rapidly developing transdisciplinary field in ways that will improve the status of non-human animals and alleviate nonhuman animal exploitation. As such, MAI facilitates research in Animal Studies as a conduit of non-governmental politics and action. MAI acts as a bridge between academia and advocacy and is a network of more than 3,000 academics, artists, activists and advocates, dedicated to the study and protection of all planetary life through the advancement of Animal Studies.

I assisted representing our organization "Fraternité pour le Respect Animal" where I gave a submitted talk "From the Passion of Christ to the Calvary of Animals".

Cally White

Videos form Minding Animals 4
Mexico City, 2018

4MAC. - Carol Adams - Marti Kheel Memorial Lecture "Mongrel Honesty".

4MAC. - Will Kymlicka - "Human Rights without Species Hierarchy".

4MAC. - Óscar Horta -"The case for helping animals in need of aid in the wild”

4MAC. - John Baird Callicott - "Communitarian Animal Ethics : Its Merits and Challenges"

4MAC. - Lori Gruen - "Challenging the Disposability of Animals".

4MAC. - Leonora Esquivel - "Avances en el movimiento de los derechos de los animales en países hispanoparlantes"

4MAC. - Jonathan Balcombe - "Most Eaten, Least Respected : The Rich Lives of Fishes"