From the Passion of Christ to the Calvary of Animals Estela Torres

, par Estela Torres

Dominant Christian theological paradigms have traditionally believed in the ascendancy of humankind over that of the natural world and its animals, placing humans at the center of creation. Consequently animals are believed to be inferior beings at the service of people.
The current environmental crisis can be seen as a reflection of this unbalanced
relationship. Thus arise ethical as well as theological questions about humankind’s role
and stewardship regarding animals and nature. The aim of my recent artwork is
to approach these questions and have these two disciplines come into dialog.

Animal Passion is series of drawings started in 2013 in conjunction with my research on Animal Theology. The aim of these drawings is to parallel in images and in discourse the suffering of Christ as a persecuted innocent put to death, with the suffering of the innocent and the voiceless put to death, which are the animals. This is done by the juxtaposition of images taken from Internet about animal mistreatment with those of religious representations taken from the history of art such as scenes of the Passion and Crucifixion of Christ from Velazquez, Ribera, El Greco etc.